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Day 3 & 4 - Magna Carta, Windsor, Hampton Court Palace & Teddington!

We started the day out with Rob chauffeuring us to Windsor.  On the way we stopped at a field...yes, just a plain old field. BUT in the middle of this denuded field, appeared 12 beautiful chairs evidencing where the Magna Carta was signed...This was unveiled by the Queen commencing 800 years since the Magna Carta was signed!  We just had to have a seat!   Included in this field was also a Kennedy Memorial and beside the same was a "Seat of Contemplation"..check it out below!

Off to Windsor Castle hoping to catch the changing of the guard, but unfortunately we were too late and just caught the parade..still beautiful!  The castle was pretty amazing and to think the Queen (who was not there, by the way...which obviously was why she didn't invite us to tea!) still resides there at times!  We were fortunate enough that on this day we were able to visit the kitchen where food is still prepared for gala events held at the castle by the Queen.  Amazing and a bit pretentious for the likes of the Pub Crawl Team - amazing visit none the less!

Then, after a quick meal at a tiny but quaint pub across from the castle, we met Sandra, Rob and Rosie for a Cream Tea!  Our first of the Crawl!  YUM, but a little disappointed the scones were both not homemade and not warm (the Crawl Team has high standards!)..Lovely all the same!

What a fabulous day!

Magna Carta and Kennedy Memorial including The Seats of Contemplation

Windsor Castle...and some Selfies of course!

Windsor and of course we had to stop for a Cream Tea!  

Check out the crooked house!  It's for sale...anyone????

We just missed the  changing of the guards, but caught the tail end of the parade

DAY 4- Hampton Court Palace & Teddington Lock

Ahhhh...such a beautiful place and one that is dear to us.  Mikey was born a few short blocks away from Hampton Court Palace and when we come into customs...they are always impressed when his birth certificate notes his birth "Hampton Court"....Check out these beautiful pictures...such an amazing place!

Hampton Court Palace

Now a visit to the very first pub I visited on my very first trip to England..way back when.  Mikey introduced my to a brew called "Tanglefoot"...I know why they call it that now!  We had to stop in for a pint before heading through BUSHY PARK.  I have to pause and rub in the fact that there are HUNDREDS of Parakeets in England...just check them out below (LEA!). 

The Kings Arms and Bushy Park

..Now on to Teddington to meet the family for lunch!  Tina, Ollie, Laura, Ollie, Jake and Molly - then Rob, Sandra, Rosie and the Whittles came from far to join us!  Unfortunately, and I know this is very hard to believe, I don't have any pictures from lunch!!!  But just take a look at the beauties in front of their homestead at Teddington Lock House!  This is where Mikey's grandfather was lock keeper that the house they lived in.  Our beautiful nephew Jake & neice Molly posed for a couple of shots for me!  


Teddington High Street

Heading up to Teddington High Street...a shot of where Mikey also grew up..But unfortunately under renovations, a couple shots of gravestones for Lea and finally in front of the family business run now by the one and only Rob Wilks...TEDDINGTON CARPETS!

Now off to where it all began for our Brody!  During Mikey's stay when Mum passed, he met a black lab named Ronin...the Pub's mascot!  He feel in love and in a rather wobbly state on the phone to me back in Canada announced he was indeed ready for another puppy and could it please be a black lab.  He doesn't remember this conversation, however, cross my heart it was all true.  So, we went back to visit the now infamous Ronin.  The delightful and very Irish pub owners did remember us and surprised us with yet another pub pup...but no, we are NOT getting another!


Last, but CERTAINLY not least...the finale of Day 4 - Our very own Gravelaxe Concert!!  This was our Nephew Sean's FIRST appearance and he played an AMAZING base guitar!  You ROCKED IT Guys!!!  Thank you!


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